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Xiamen Xin Yongyuan Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, the registered capital of Wu Bai million yuan. The company mainly engaged in sales and service of all kinds of international brands of motor, inverter, speed reducer, is a company engaged in mechanical and electrical products sales service, maintenance and renovation, science, industry and trade as one of the professional company.
The company has an agent of the products are: Taiwan East yuan motor (TECO), Italy friction reducer (MOTOVARIO), Watson inverter. The company also undertake automation engineering and automation transformation, but also the East yuan motor and friction reducer reducer Fujian region, the only agent and the only authorized dealer service center.
Xiamen Xin Yongyuan Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd is a member of the Xiamen Municipal Energy Association unit, Xiamen Jimei Guankou chamber of Commerce member units, Taiwan Dongyuan motor and friction reducer in Fujian Province Li duo Sales Service Center (office). At the same time in the district Xiamen of Jimei machinery industry has set up 800 square repair center, mainly to undertake high voltage motor, DC motor, variable frequency motor, special motor, reducer, water pump, fan, etc. the maintenance and renovation of mechanical and electrical products.



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19 2015-08

How to determine the use coefficient of the teco gear motor?

The choice of the use coefficient of the speed reducer motor is very important for the selection of the gear reducer motor. If the motor speed can not be determined, it is impossible to choose the type of the motor.
teco gear reducer motor is a new type of motor, but also the latest launch of the East yuan group of a high-performance motor, suitable for high-end industries, high cost.

19 2015-08

Introduction to the working principle of the gear in the gear drive of the speed reducing motor

In the reduction gear drive, the gear ratio is determined by the distance between the gear center and the contact point. For example, if a gear has a diameter of two times the number of gears in the other gear, the gear ratio is 2:1., which is

19 2015-08

Energy saving and environmental protection of China reducer

With the scarcity of all kinds of energy, energy saving and environmental protection has become a common topic in the world. In recent years, China has abandoned the extensive development in the past, and actively seek a sound and fast economic growth mode, committed to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. As the basic industry of China's industry, the reducer industry has formed a relatively mature industry system. >>>
19 2015-08

Principles, types and calculation methods of reducer

Reducer is a relatively precise machinery, the use of its purpose is to reduce the speed and increase torque. In some places are also used to speed up, known as the speed regulator. Generally used for low speed large torque transmission equipment, the large gear output shaft gear meshing power motor, internal combustion engine or other high speed running through the reducer input shaft less number of teeth on the reducer to achieve the purpose of

19 2015-08

Cause of temperature rise of motor (motor)

Customers in the process of using the product, often more common is the motor burned. The main reason is because there is no regular maintenance and inspection, abnormal operation motor and the temperature rise, finally burned out. Then the motor temperature rise what are the reasons? >>>
19 2015-08

Analysis of the damaged end of reducer shaft from analysis and coping strategies

In order to realize the fast firing and thin material production, supporting the speed and driving device of rotary kiln was changed, the increase of rotational speed of rotary kiln to 315 r/ min, the main motor power is 75 kW, speed of 1000 r/ min, a former reducer transmission ratio was changed, the transmission input shaft of the rotary kiln. After the transformation of the assembly sketch.